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Lace Sensor Golds
6 40%
SD Cool Rails
2 13%
SD Little '59er
2 13%
2 13%
Dimarzio Air Norton single
3 20%
Other (suggestions)
5 33%
Voters: 15.
long story short, my bridge single coil on my strat isnt cutting it for me.
i need something balanced that can handle aggressive things but also clear chord work, something i guess medium output. i am 100% ok with losing that single coil sound in favor of something more humbucker-sounding if i have to, but i would like to stick to single coil form factor.

what ive found so far:

Lace Sensors - ive been looking at these for a while now, they seem nice and cost effective. leaning most definitely towards the Gold line, and while i dont have any particular problems with my neck pickup, my middle could use some fattening and i need a new bridge position. would probably just buy the set of 3 and completely swap out my pickups, but im not dead set on it.

SD Cool Rail - seems interesting. i see a lot of suggestions for Hot rails as a strat pup replacement, so considering im looking for lower output than hot rails, these seem like a viable option. dont really know much about them though.

SD Little '59 / JB Jr. - another couple very popular suggestions. i know even less about these but throwing them in as a possibility and for input.
59 - http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-Little-59er-Pickup?sku=300008
JB - http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-JB-Jr-Pickup?sku=300500

Dimarzio Air Norton Single - based off the Air Norton obviously, this is what im leaning towards after the 3-set of sensors. the way people describe them sounds near spot on what i am looking for, but i am still just bewildered by the choices.

budget is ~<80 USD for one pickup. some tones/styles i like are tool, qotsa, rage, and pink floyd, and my favorite color is green

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E-mail this guy and he will get you whatever sound you desire, but It'll cost you(More than your Budget) Around £60 for a single coil which is around 90 dollars at the moment. But hey you can't put a price on tone right?

Here is their site


You can ring if you'd rather ask for recommendations over the phone

Trade and Retail Sales Telephone: +44 (0)1326 341313

Edit- Good guess eh :P

89.4546 USD

and no i don't work for BKP :P
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i will definitely talk to Tim before making a final choice. the Mothers Milk sounds like the best match from them but my budget is pretty strict, so i may or may not go for BK. HC was also pretty contradictory on a lot of different BKPs. how do the Trillogies you have sound davedoom?
for more description, the sound im going for is something clear and tight but still warm. not too much prescence, probably a little on the darker side to balance the strat as well. mostly for higher gain things, but also capable of a nice sweet clean tone, neither really vintage or modern.

has anyone replaced their strat pups before?
how does what you have compare to the stock ones?

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BK - no other comes close!

Not for the money, no.
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