This used to happen to me when I was just learning the guitar (well, of course I still am, but I mean when I was just starting) and now that I'm practicing a bit more advanced techniques more time it's happening sometimes too. Does this happen to you every now and then? If so, can it be considered as something "good" since it means the muscles worked quite hard, or what is the exact reason for the pain? Thanks
You're most likely straining too hard. Yes, that has happened to me when I first started, but that definitely should not happen when you have been playing for a considerable amount of time.
Been playing for a year and 8 months, but some days I practice technique for like 6 hours or more (and sleep like 5 hours - mainly because I spend much of the night practicing).

So, it seems it isn't a good sign
At no point has this ever happened to me and I've been playing for nigh-on 7 years, I would assume it's a bad thing and your technique needs correcting. Are you very tense when you play?
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I've been playing for a year and 6 months and I have that happen to me when I wake up after a long night of practicing. I get plenty of sleep though, and I reckon it's because I tend to get carried away with exercises, doing the same thing for too long and not taking enough breaks in between each, which I don't because it's cold in my area and I don't want to have to warm-up my left hand again when I resume.
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i don't think thats a good thing, its never happened to me before but ive only
been playing three years so... i think you should know your limit, so if it starts hurting you'd
be the best to know when to stop
do you practice regularly? Or just that big burst every now and then.. 'cause it sounds to me like cramps...
Ive played for 10 years and nothing like that has ever happened to me (that I can remember)
As Freepower once said, "Don't practice harder, practice smarter." You're probably just straining too hard. You need to practice in a relaxed state of minimal tension, otherwise you're not at your best and you risk injury.
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I try to practice everyday but since I don't sleep much most of the days (hope that changes now that my holidays are going to start) sometimes I am too tired and I just sleep when I get back at home, so I end up practicing heavily between 4 and 5 days a week, and barely touching the guitar/not practicing at all, 2 or 3 days a week.
You are straining something too hard. Slow down and focus on removing any excess tension. I have always focused on this from when I started practicing seriously and I have never had any problems like that and I practice technique for 3 to 4 hours 7 days a week
Posture; Balance;a slower pace; relaxation............all great steps to playing.....remember that "playing" is supposed to be fun, therapudic, healing, entertaining.....it's not a chore.
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It's fun for me (and it's not like I just practice technique; I practice other stuff and also play/improvise) Anyway, I've never specifically paid attention to if I'm putting too much tension, but I think I play quite comfortably, it's not like it hurts when I'm playing or anything.

May the fact that lately I've been practicing diminished licks/scale which involves stretching the fingers from fret 1 to fret 7 affect? (I also practice it in higher frets, but this is where the stretch is bigger). Also, do you think practicing these big stretches may cause me problems in the future? (that my fingers **** up in some way, I mean)
Everything everyone else said about working to remove tension from your playing, being careful with the big stretches, and warming up is right on the money.

So - only one thing to add - get more sleep! Seriously. How effective your practice is depends on how well your brain is able to absorb the things you are working on. It won't do as good a job if you are getting by on limited sleep. I think you'll get much better results from 3-4 hrs practice/7-8 hrs sleep, than on your current 6/5, just because your brain will be functioning better.

Specific to the pain when you wake up - although you should do your best to follow all the advice the others gave you - there is always going to some wear and tear going on. It will take years to get your playing to the point where there is almost no tension. So, again, the sleep thing. By getting a good nights sleep, your body can heal itself and recover better from the work you've been putting it through during the day.