I am a begin guitar player although I have been a musician for 25 yrs. I have taught my self alot of chords but when Im looking at a song that just has the chords how do I figure out exactly how the song is played.

Also, could anybody recommend some easy country tabs for acoustic guitar. I prefer ballads. And could anybody recommend some ballads that would help be learn to finger pick
To figure out exactly how the song is played, you just have to listen to the song. The strumming pattern is what you are looking for. It just takes practice to be able to hear it. You should pick it up very fast considering you've been a musician for 25 years!
Jimtaka is right.........the best way to learn it, is to have an example to listen to, and play along with......I've been playing for fourty-plus years, and repetitive "doing" with someone else's recording has been my best "learning tool."

(Given the oversaturation of material on the web.....I'm SURE you can find an audio copy somewhere).
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