I was wondering about the playability of the Ibanez S470DXQM. I know the finish is absolutely beautiful. I know the body is extremely sleek and thin, but I noticed that it is the slightest bit thicker than the Prestige S Series. I was taken aback by the quilted maple finish but I was wondering how it plays. I don't have the time to go to the store to play it, and every time I go there the employees get mad at me because the only thing I ever buy is strings and picks. I also heard that the pickups have like no ouput or suck completely. Anyway, I'm looking to get myself one very soon but I need UGers advice first. Thanks a whole lot.
I have an older model of this guitar and love it. ITs all about what you like not what others say cause thats purely their opinion. You dont have time to go to the store? That doesnt make sense, especially with a sentence following that saying everytime I go...and as for the employees getting mad? Never heard of an employee getting mad at a customer that buys stuff. Most musicians especially guitar players are there for the exact reason you are. Strings and picks. Next time you go have them hook it up to an amp and jam out. Hell IVe brought my whole rig before so I know what the guitar will sound like through my setup. If they wont they obviously dont want to sell anything. Ive never had a shop tell me I cant play anything. Gotta test it before you drop a lump sum of money on it.
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I say go for it.
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