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I have a gig coming up, I'm playing a cover of Santana's "Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)". I'm a beginner, so the solo at the end of the song is tough for me to play, so I'm composing an easier solo for my cover. First of all, I need to know the scale Carlos Santana uses on the song. If you can suggest me good licks to implement into my solo, you're welcome to post them. Again, I'm a beginner so I don't have a lot of experience composing solos and improvising. Any help is appreciated.
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I don't know the solo off the top of my head, but the best way to simplify a solo is to:

1. Take some of the memorable phrases from it (or leave them in)
2. When simplifying, make sure you follow the chord progression, if you don't know how to do that, look up "Marty Friedman's Melodic Control" video.
^ What he said. The chords are:

| Eb | Bb | EbM7 | Cm (G# as bass note) | Gadd11 | G7 | Cm |