I have a huge dilemma, I'm trying out for a bass player position for a band and the guitarist wants me to try and learn the bass by ear, which I have never done and am finding it extremely difficult to do, if anyone more experienced can help me tab out these songs I would be extremely grateful! Please, somebody help me, this band is a great opportunity and just need some help. Thank You!
you've spammed 4 forums with this same thread.

the Newbie forum is for learning how to use UG.
putting the same thread in multiple forums is not the way.
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first of all, are the songs you need to learn covers or originals? Because the odds of UG not having the song are pretty slim. There is so much in the database. Secondly, your gonna have to tell the guy at some point in time that you cant pick it up by ear, although if he means to just play along with you by eat, then at the start of the song spend two seconds asking him what notes he is playing and figure it out from there.

Now with that out of the way, this is the new member Q & A forum. Its for member introductions and questions about the running of the site. If you are looking for someone to tab a song for you then you can Request a tab from the hompeage or you can head on over to the Tab Talk Forum and ask there

Also if your looking for tip on playing bass then try the Bass Forum

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