I plan on replacing the two single coils later, but for now I want to get a new humbucker.

I want something that has decent high end response, and I think the Stag Mag could do it, but how would it match up to the singe coils when i change them in the coming years? Wouyld stag mags limit my options tonally?

Also, if anyone uses a stag mag, does it sound like a humbucker is supposed to when its not split? Does it carry that warmth and crunch? I'm worried thast if i choose the stag mag i won't get any crunch when its not coil tapped.

The guitar is a early 1980's washburn with the wonderbar tremelo (G2-V)

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The Stag Mag is a very bright pickup, and isn't what people are usually looking for when they upgrade their humbuckers in a HSS Strat..

its not really a strat, but thanks for thw info.

Do you think it would work out if i rolled back the tone knob just a bit?
What kind of wood is it made of? Sorry, I assumed Strat when I heard HSS.

The tone knob is a bit different than rolling down just the treble.

So it's my understanding you want to use the coil split (not tap. A coil tap is something different, when you use less/more windings of a single coil, and the pickup must be made with the coil tap) quite often? Will you be using it at the same time as the other single coils?