So yeah.. whats the best deal you ever got on guitar?

I had a friend that works at GC, I went to get my Ibanez S520EX which costs $599, he gave me $200 off + my girlfriend gave me $200 gift card so I had to pay only $200 for it

And like two years ago I got 7 String Schecter for $500, once I dropped it, and ended up selling it for $80 because there was a chip missing on the body which was a big deal for everybody trying to get it, ****in morons! so the guy who bought it got a good deal
My mate sold me his for £15, with a case. No idea what kind it is though, there's a pic in my profile. The dark red one.
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free '87 ibanez RG550 that my uncle found in a garbage, completely gutted and sanded down...yea i still don't have it back together but i'm workin on it
My primary guitar...

A semi-hollowbody that was originally 400 dollars. The previous owner completely upgraded it and put in Gibson pickups, graphite saddles, and Grover tuners. The Gibson pups are 200 bucks alone, and graphite saddle is about another 50, and the Grover is another 50. He wanted to get a Gibson guitar for God knows whatever retarded reason and he wanted it fast. So he sold it to me for 200 bucks.

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my grandpa got a 63 gibson es 330 and a jazz chorus 120 at an estate sale for about $100
So it goes.
£49 P-Bass copy in Cash Converters.
Wasn't bad to be honest. Bad fret buzz, so I changed the strings after a while. That was HARD! Only 2 stayed on.
It's gathering dust now because there's something wrong with the input jack.
i bought a crappy squier double fat strat with a satin paint job for $50, sold it a week later for $100.

i also bought my js-100 fo $350 when new is $799
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he said deals.....

not when you got ripped off
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Fender Standard Jazz Bass customized with a Badass II bridge (a $70 value by itself), in a gig bag for $150
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My mate gave me a P-Bass copy and a really good gig bag for free. He wanted £20, but couldn't be bothered to wait for me to give it to him.

Also got a Boss MT-2 and the power pack for it for £20 off of my mates Dad. I thought that was a really good deal.
My Jackson Dinky that I swapped a Galveston Resonator for, £30. Bargain.
Not that I like it though.
Well, I don't have a good deal story, but my buddy bought a Epi LP Special II from our friend for $40; nothing wrong with it, he just had 4 guitars, and two were collecting dust.
Good Deals: imgooley, pak1351
I got my guitar for $160 at a pawn shop. I didn't know how good of a deal it was 'till later. I took the guitar up to a music shop to see if they could replace my whammy bar. Turns out they don't make the tremolo anymore. It's called a Washburn Whammy Bar tremolo I think.

Also, the clerk who explained this too me used to own my guitar. He had it repainted, pickups replace with some Jackson brand, a custom pickguard made for it, also the tremolo system he installed on it himself. How odd is that?