Okay so I'm putting a new bridge in on my guitar, and I'm going with a floyd rose, but I don't understand the difference between a liscensed floyd rose and an original... Any help?
OFR is best, unless using certain trems such as ZR, or the good edges (although, not strictly a LFR).

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yes... if you are going to go.... you might as well go big and do it right

Licensed floyds are basically the companies interpretation of a floyd rose... and tend to be crappy
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ive broken every Rose system except those really new JEM ones - the lo-edge pro or whatever its called.
floyd rose and kahler systems are usually crap - i like some of the wilkinson ones better and definitely the prs ones.
Don't get a licenced floyd rose. They're made of weaker metals and won't last you more than a month at most (as in, it'll live for ages, but it'll only stay in tune for a short amount of time till the knife edges are blunt). Either get the original Floyd Rose or the Gotoh Floyd Rose which is a licenced floyd, but Gotoh really put the effort in. The Gotoh is slightly different to the original as it has locking string posts and better saddles. It's about £30 less than the original, so it's not particularly cheap either, but either are worth the money.
depends. as said, a lot of licensed ones suck, but a few licensed ones are really good indeed, as good if not better than OFRs (gotoh, schaller, ibanez edge etc.).

EDIT: unless you're a pro at routing, your best bet is probably to go with the best one you can buy which fits your guitar...
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Only good LFR's are Schaller, Gotoh, Edge, Lo-Pro Edge, (either similar or better than the OFR; has the responsiveness and tuning stability), and Jackson's LFR (JT580LP) ( just in terms of tuning stability) I haven't seen much about the Edge Zero though, not sure of it. What do all of these trems have in common? Hardened steel knife edges. The Edge Pro is not an LFR, but is good as well, same as the ZR.

Bad ones are: Edge III (not an LFR but still double locking), Ibanez Lo-TRS 1&2, Edge Pro II (the EPII is not all that bad, but not especially great either), non-branded LFR's are often badly made of cheap materials.

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The original edge on my Jem is amazing, ive had no problems with it, and its a 1989 model, it has less rust on it than my 07 RG1570!
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The OFR is a very good trem.

Good LFRs: Ibanez Edge Pro, Lo-Pro Edge (or whatever it's called), Original Edge; Schaller LFR; Kahler LFR; Gotoh LFR