Okay. Right now i've got a cheap epiphone acoustic that i got for christmas last year, i've been learning on it.

For the past month or two i've been researching electrics and i was planning on buying one, but i've decided i kinda like acoustic tones and stuff more.

I haven't really researched acoustics, and i don't know what ones are good or not and what is good in one or not.

I can only spend like $350.

I really cant get much more money unless i wait a couple more months

I checked the guitars under $300 thread, but i was wondering if theres any better ones for the extra $50 bucks.

I could POSSIBLY BUT PROBABLY NOT push it to $400... but i would have to save a couple more months.

So any guitars under like $375 that are possibly electric-acoustc, but don't have to be?
oh and i want a cutaway if thats possible in that range.

I know, go try em out, but my gc is a while away, and i just wanted to get some brands and models i should try