Alright, I'm pretty sure on my next guitar. A Fender classic series 70's strat. It has the warmer, more rock-geared tone of post-50's strats with the maple fretboard I prefer over rosewood. Plus if it's as good as people say, I basically get a vinage strat for $700.

Anyway, I wanted to check with anyone who owns one of these; How do they sound/feel, do they sound/feel vintage and, most importantly, are they worth the money?

Thanks for any help provided.

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Well, I think they are worth the money, but you have to love the CBS headstock (which I do, very much!).

I like the 'chunkyness' of the U neck, and the pickups are pretty vintage correct. The only bit I'm not too sure on is the 3 point neck joint ( ) which at first you think'll be quite uncomfortablely unstable, but you don't notice it when you start to play. Tuners held up suprisingly well, although they can't really handle the Ritchie Blackmore trem stuff too well, but what do you expect, it hasn't got locking tuners or anything.

An ash body is a nice feature aswell, it gives it a different vibe to the guitar, gives it a little brighter tone and all that. Looks good too.

Definatly a 'give a go' guitar. I'd love one, and it'll probably be my second Strat.

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