Hello xD I am sort of new to tabbing, I've never made a Tablature and not to sure if i am doing it right, Also got stumped. I am hoping i'm posting in the right place, Checked the Stickie to be sure i wasnt breaking the rule's and it seem's like i'm not.

Anyway, I've got alot of time to kill so I desided to try and tab something.

I'm trying to tab A Theme song that is played on Maple Story when you are logging in, Not that I play Maple story I can't stand the game, Just the Music is intresting and I could not find a Tab for it anywhere..

Here is what i got so far but I may have done it wrong so bare with me ;D.


Problem is I'm not even sure if that is possible to play (Preaty sure it isn't). I've got it in Standard Tunning, Capo 3rd fret, I think the problem might be tunning if that is either Impossible to play or just very very hard, I am not to great at the guitar but I love to learn so if anyone can give me some pointer's that would be great!

well the reason why you cant find a tab is because its maplestory lol

erm.. pointers.. well.. im not sure really.. i dont know the song so i cant really help you out on the tuning..

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This would be the easiest way to do it.

Standard tuning, no capo


Also when tabbing try to add extra spaces in between notes that are farther apart like I did above. It's easiest to do all your tabbing in Notepad cuz everything aligns nice and easy and then just copy and paste.
I Appreciate the help Rcw110131, I still find it very difficult to play (Because I don't understand where to put my finger's for it.) but with some practice I'm sure I can nail it, I think I also understand the spacing when tabbing xD.

I've also added a Guitar 2 if you will to substitute the Piano for fun

Done in Standard tuning


It's as far as I got because the part after


Is abit difficult to hear xD.