I want to learn Victor Wooten's Amazing Grace Solo. However I can't figure out some of the harmonics - for instance on all lower frets. I just can't hear the harmonic. I tried pushing as slightly as possible.
Is this because of my bass or is it because I can't do it? Or maybe there are no harmonics on the lower frets?
There ARE harmonics on the lower frets, and there is no such thing as saying I can't. You just have to practice, if you have a teacher ask him/her if he/she could run through harmonics with you, and remember, on most harmonics you have to place your finger OVER the fret.
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the harmonics on the lower frets are not DIRECTLY over the frets, you gotta find them seperately.
you tried doing it as an artificial harmonic?
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As a previous poster said, you may have to find the sweet spot for a harmonic in between two frets.
once you start getting below the 3rd fret they are harder to sound, and all basses are different. ie 2.3 may not be exactly 2.3 on all basses. make sure you are close to the bridge as this will sound the harmonic clearer, and you may have to pluck the string harder..
I've found that only using one pickup, or mainly one pickup on my jazz/jag basses sounds them better,

the neck pickup sounds them fatter and juicier, the bridge pickup will sound them clear and sparkly,

I can't get a decent 2nd fret harmonic with both pickups equal. one has to be considerably less.
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It helps to turn the tone all the way up and boost mids and highs.
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Wow! Thank you very much for the great tips!
It's getting better. I just need to practice.

You guys are the best!
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It helps to turn the tone all the way up and boost mids and highs.

ALL basses' harmonics are in different spots. Gotta look for it and get used to your bass.
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Turn up mids and blend your pickups to favor the bridge, as well as pluck there.