I just want opinions far from complete its just something ive been working on for the last couple of days, and im new to this ive never showed anyone my stuff outside of friends. THANX!
Battle at sea.gp5.zip
I wasn't at first, but after a bit of inspecting, if you check every instrument (click on the midipatch) you'll notice that some of the instruments don't have a Midi Port. Change these to zero and it should play.

On the actual song, I liked it.
However the 5/4 section felt a little awkward. I love the way it rockets off in bar 7. The drumming is a little generic metal for me (except after bar 22, which I like), but the fills are pretty nifty.

On the riffs, the constant 0-8-7 structure felt a little repetitive, but fairly good work overall.
thanx for the crit. really appreciate it. Ya i still got LOTS of work to do on this song i'll definatly change up the structure a little, after hearing u say its a little repetitive i definatly can tell now thanx again.