Haven't set it to music yet, not too sure about it.

I turned the candle in your bedroom upside down
And watched the wet wax run out onto your desk
I blew it softly and waited for it to cool
Now it’s what you use to remember me

When you reappeared as a silhouette
From the bathroom light and asked me why
I always have great intent to waste my time
I don’t think our eyes came in contact then

I continue to use the flame to melt the wax
And pour it on the desk beside your hand
‘It just a mess’ is what you told me and
I thought it was ironic the words you used next

As you sat next to me
Ran your hand over my piece of art
‘But from this side it looks like a heart’

Now I feel tremors running through my mess of a heart
Whenever you come in contact with the chapped wax
It reminds me of the winter years ago when we were alone
And why your mother won’t let you light candles in your room anymore

That night you tried to peel it away but I wouldn’t let you
So we slept beside each other but I lay over the sheets
Worried in the morning you’d wake and clean up my mess
And there would be nothing in your room to remind you of me.
this would go perfect to the guitar parts of my song "i also pooped in your sheets"

EDIT:it really is pretty good, i just couldn't help myself
i really, really loved the "but form this side it looks like a heart" it completely changes the way i saw the piece, the characters, it was brilliant.