the rythm work was a (little) bit generic but still nice, the solos is impressive (though i'm not that big a fan of shred, you pull it of)
and the vocals are just spot on , i like the feel of a joking around metal song.
good job!

Crit mine if you can plz!
I personally liked the rhythm. Dont know about shred but it was some good s**+. I really like the sound of the rhythm - heavy and rhythmic. Cool.
AHAHAHA. This sounds like Gwar from the CKY videos. Totally ridiculous. The shredding is great technique wise but completely out of place (which actually works for this song. I wish you had a better mix though, the drums sound kind of flabby and the guitar needs more layers - double or triple tracked so it it will sound heavy and get the feel of the song across better. Next time put a pop filter over the mic. I could hear a lot of artifacts and pops through the mix. Overall nice job. This is hilarious.

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