im not sure if i like it or not at the moment.

if we take it back, dad said i could go him halfs and get a cole clark, fl2.
or at least he will put in how much the taki was.

so is this guitar pretty good? or a peice of shit?

looks decent enough but if you're not completely happy with it take it back while you still can.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
For $400, it's a pretty good guitar. A Cole Clark FL2 would probably be much better, but it's also much more expensive.
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im just wondering. on those sites, is that $400 austrailian?

cause i know, i paid a fair bit more than that for it.
I tried out that guitar listed at 635 euros. I was quite pleased with it. Search a thread by me about it in this forum, you might find some good info.
this is from the review central thing...

Sound : 2
I play most fingerstyle blues on acoustic. But also dabble with a flat pick. Unplugged this guitar is absolutely terrible. No bass, and the highs are way to bright (sentiments shared by other experienced players about various G-series models).If you fingerpick lightly you can make it work...but you can do that with almost anything. Strumming with a flatpick makes it sound....well, we won't go there. Ok, it's an A/E, but with the solid top/back you'd figure it might be built for some regular acoustic playing. Perhaps the lack of bass is to prevent feedback when plugged in...that's what the boys at Kaman might tell you. But that's crap. Plugged in, you can obtain some good tones, but the pickup in this guitar (not the preamp) is pressure-based and can get unbalanced easily. You might not notice it for a lng time if you just strum...but fingerpickers will.

If you even mess with the saddle or cheesy shims in the cavity...look out. So don't even think about changing the cracker-jack-box saddle to something worthy of the price you paid for this axe. What's worse, the saddle belongs to one of those integrated pickup-saddle combo jobs, where the saddle fits into a special slot housing the pickup. Not your regular under-saddle transducer thing. That means, it's a special saddle with protrusions on the bottom, one for each string. And that means, if you do go to change it, and don't know it's integrated, you'll pull it right out of the pickup slot and whamo...there goes the delicate string balance (if it was ever there to begin with).

Strange. A solid top and back, and a very, very cheap plastic saddle that renders the wood choice useless. And to boot, it's a bugger to change without screwing up the last chance the guitar has to sound good....when it's plugged in. Basically, if you change the saddle, you might as well go to a new pickup that won't screw you around again.

I should mention the nut is also crap. And the bridge pins aren't even worthy of being melted down for a kinder-egg toy. (The pins were pile-driven in so tight, I had to call the family dentist for an extraction after one broke off, during a routine string change. Very bad, cheap, twisty plastic)

Between my brother and myself, we own a truck load of dream guitars, and a bunch of good budget models. I take my chances and buy many online and have to say, this guitar is the biggest disappointment of my online shopping career. There are budget models out there that sound awesome....and this isn't one of them.

I've seen some outstanding acoustic guitars from Korea, and most are made at the same 2 factories. So I'm at a loss for why this one would sound so crappy. I can only think Kaman/Takamine want to ensure that their budget lines remain just that. Often a problem when you're dealing with a company that has to protect more expensive models.

Bottom line; I've played much cheaper, laminated models (other brands) that blow this this thing away.

okay, and thats sorta the exact same problem i have with it. lack of volume. and all the strings sound real.. hmm... gross.

its like it has fret buzz, but it doesnt, they all just sound real tinny. like an unplugged eletric, only a little louder. thats pretty much what it is.

danm it.

so yeah, im probs gonna take it back. and have to wait another month or so before i can get a decent acoustic.
yeah. i really like how it looks, with the nice sized body and hot curves with the awesome cirlce of opal looking stuff around the sound hole.

it just doesnt sound acoustic or not. it really does sound just like an electric unplugged, but louder.
For what it's worth, I've never been impressed with the NEX body guitars from Takamine for rhythm playing. They are pretty decent for fingerpicking and they handle light strumming OK, but I just don't think they adapt well to strong rhythm strumming.
the guitar to me looks good man dont pay too much attention to reviews is your personal opinon that should count

for example people tell me that ibanez acoustic guitars suck i own a taylor 1700$ and a ibanez of 350$ for 350 dollar i say is a damm good guitar not an amazing sound like the taylor but i like it and thats all that matters

the other review the guy put he looks he is happy with it if you are happy with it then keep it if not go change it for something else
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The top wood looks real good...nice cross-silking in the picture...but as pointed out, a/e guitars tend to be a bit on the tinny side when played unplugged.

Takamines are very good, and this one is no exception...certainly not a junker or an El KABONG guitar.

I have my own bias in this regard...I prefer to get a really nice ACOUSTIC guitar and then add the PU system later.

Depends a great deal on your expectations and intended use.
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