its on my profile, it's called Azbocker.
I played drums,guitar and bass on this one (vocals are on their way)
any comment is welcome!
and i'll be glad to return the favor!
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Music is great.

Recording quality. Not so much. I can't stand fuzzy.

Back to the music.

Driving and uplifting, it is a perfectly clean slate for catchy vocal hooks. While it is a bit unoriginal, what isn't with recent pop rock? Solo is solid.

Like to listen to some of mine? In my profile. =)
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You can sell this to Paramore's producer or something ...lol

Bad tone - What did u use to record?

Nice Solo btw!
Sounds cool. Drums are a little outta sync at times (these are programmed drums right?) but over all pretty sweet. Thanks for checking mine out.

Dude I really like it. Is something I would jam to if it was an instrumental. Ever thought of just instrumentalizing it? My wife left the room so I know its good!!
Whoa, that is really good. Its very catchy even without vocals or anything on top. The only real weak point with what you have so far is the production. Like a couple people said, yes the mix is very fizzy, the guitars sound very digital, try EQing out some the super highs out of them. The drums are also kind of messy, both the playing and the mix. I wouldn't worry about that too much as I'm assuming you don't have the facilities to mic up a full kit. Maybe bring up the bass just a hair too.
Really, what you need to work on is the mixing. The song itself is great, I hope you finish it soon.
I like the verses to it, they are really solid and the chorus part is really catchy too, the intro was a little shaky and i think could have done with a little more legato feel but thats just my opinion.
to jayjrguitar
they are in fact not programmed drums, they're my roland td6v kit. I've only been drumming for a couple of months,though.

to johnnyLovesyou
thanks! and I realize the quality isn't all that good, but I have a hard time finding a way to give everything a nice 'place' in the soundspectrum.
any ideas, cuz i am recording with my tascam DP-01 8 track, which only gives you the ability to alter High,Low(cut or boost) and Panning.
what's better, micing my amp, or recording out?
Micing your amp is definitely preferred. I always can find a better tone faster with my amp than with any plugins or amp modelers or whatever. That being said, for all my stuff that I've uploaded and posted has been direct input (I blew my amp transformer). For me, even a shitty solid state amp can be tweaked to sound decent, and a mic'd amp will usually sound more alive than a D.I. or a line out.