I need help writing my hamlet essay. The essay is about hamlet, and what wrong with him. I have no idea where to start. i think my teacher is looking for things that cause him to kill everyone at the end, or do the things he does. It would be really helpful because we have to start the essay tomorrow in class. I ass need to write an overview on the book, using evidence from every act, and the overview has to do with the thesis. If u have an essay you wrote about that book you can send it to my email, my email is chryee090130@gmail.com. Any help is appreciated, even if you give me a website where i can find this. Sparknotes, and most note sites i have look at contain little or no information pertaining to this topic. Thanks in advanced for all the answers.
There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio, than are dreamt of by your philosophy.

That quote is key to understanding the play and will drastically help you with this essay once you figure out what it means.
Well, I think he killed everyone to avenge his father for the most part; that and he probably felt betrayed by his uncle and his mother, even though you come to find out his mother doesn't actually love his uncle.
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