Sooo. So far I've been practicing improv by playing over songs, is this a good way to learn or should I do something else? Until now I've improved over the following songs: Another Brick In The Wall pt II, Echoes and Let It Be.
Just play what you feel inside.
Hint: It's not always gonna sound impressive or even good, but you have to learn to just play with your soul and not your head.
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watch jimmy page and hendrix and clapton improvise
thats how i learned and PLAY WITH SOUL BRUDDA!
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That will take years bro!!

Just fiddle around, get ideas, do it over a looped progression, but remember, most of all it takes TIME!!
Here's what I do. I throw on some headphones (if I'm in my dorm, if I am at home I hook my computer up to my stereo), open I Tunes and just improvise over songs. I find some good places to improvise are over choruses and during transitions from chorus to verse. Improvising over someone else's solos just gets messy. A good song to practice improvisation on is Yellow Ledbetter, McCready improvises the solo to that song and never plays it the same twice. Other than that a lot of mainstream rock is good to practice over top of since they tend to be more rhythm based. I've been doing this for about a year now ( I am self taught BTW playing for 4 years now) and my lead abilities have increased considerably. For example if you go to my youtube channel the solos on there are all improvised over a rhythm track I recorded. I got a recording program for $100 USD and used that. I imagine if you wanted to spend the money you could record your own rhythms and practice improvising over them.
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Yeah, maybe I forgot to mention I AM playing by scales. Currently working on memorizing the C#-minor scale for Echoes. I find it very amusing playing over the middle part where Dave and Rick is playing off eachother.

Anyways, thanks for great and quick response. Keep em coming!