I have been playing for about 2 years and need a new guitar,

I currently have a Yamaha ERG121c which is a good beginner guitar, but now need something more suitable to progress. I mainly play metal and rock and have a budget of £300 to £400.

i was thinking of buying an ibanez rg?
Epiphone SG-400. solid guitar. the RG is a nice one to. play a bunch and see which one you like i guess
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I would save up to buy a Schecter or something.

I HATE Ibanez necks, they are so light and thin, it makes the guitar feel cheap.

I don't HAVE a Schecter, but I have tried out 1076495760456983 of them and from what I've played, I think Schecter is way better.

EDIT: I am not "Dissing" Ibanez, the sound is pretty good.

but, I do NOT like the feel (skinny necks, etc.).

EDIT2: The Epi G400 is a great one too (For your price range), but if you save up for a nicer guitar, then you won't regret it!!!

Last of all, the golden rule of buying guitars.

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Schecters are good for the money - they're just plain good, actually. Ibanez is good, but like imafool18 said - their necks are thin and an aquired taste - some guys love them, some hate them.

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