I just got a Squire Affinity Series P Bass and I was wondering how it should sound because it sounds like the strings are loose but there not and it is in tune so what is the problem and would changing strings help.
sounds like an action problem. take it to a luthier.
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What do you mean it sounds they're loose?
What kind of sound is it making? Are you playing with your fingers or with a pick? Is the second knob turned all the way up? You'd hear the sound of the fretting and plucking and such much more than if it were turned down.

You may need to adjust the action, which is the amount of space between the strings and the fretboard.

Can be done with allan keys, their hexagon shaped on the ends.
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Do you say they're loose because they produce a lot of percussive sounds (clicking, slapping, and "pops") or because the strings actually feel like they have less than desirable tension? The latter will result in the former, mind you, but the former is not only a problem of tension. If its JUST excessive percussive sounds, raise your action, turn your amp up, and play lighter. If you don't like the tension of the strings, get a thicker gauge next time you restring.
Playing with a pick produces more percussive sounds than finger picking (provided you play both styles correctly), the unique sound produced is the main reason to use a pick, besides speed.