Is there any product out there that would switch between distorted and clean channels as well as changing the EQ?

Imagine an EQ pedal that would switch channels as well as turning the EQ effect on and off from the same switch.

Unfortunately, the EQ on my amp is not separated for the two channels, so if I get the distorted tone I want, the clean tone is pretty horrible. I've been able to get away with just using the footswitch and an EQ pedal, but I have to try and hit both of them at the same time, which is annoying. The only other one-button solution I've thought of is having two amps on an A/B switch, but thats kind of expensive.
Hmmm, a midi switching system of some sort would probably work, but that would also be fairly expensive for what you're doing. Tap dancing is probably the best route for you I'm thinking.
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Thanks, I'll probably just stick with that for now, and if I can justify it I might just buy another amp for the clean down the road.