I figured something out today. They sell a can of Mountain Dew LiveWire for around 60¢, and a can of Amp Relaunch for $2-3, if not more. Check out the ingredients and shit. An equivalent 16oz can of LiveWire still would cost under a dollar, yet I payed 3.11 today for a can of the Amp stuff. It tastes the same as if Pepsi was trying to sell the same stuff in two different cans. I know they add the energy stuff but still... it can't cost them $2 for a bit of guarana (tsk.. tsk..) and whatever else they add. Still, if you compare the ingredients, there isn't much of a difference. What do you think? Are energy drinks more expensive because they know people will buy them? For example, I don't see how Red Bull can be nearly $5 a can. Idk, Just thought I'd throw this out there.
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I heard Mountain Dew is awesome. Is it really good?

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Yeah its partly because demand is high and they know people will pay for it. Yeah Mountain Dew has a good amount of sugar and caffeine but usually energy drinks have more sugar and caffeine than soda and also extra ingredients so they charge more for that as well.

Yeah mountain dew is the best its my favorite, I love regular and supernova.
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Red Bull can be nearly $5 a can because suckers will pay nearly $5 for some sugar, water, taurine and caffeine that's heavily promoted and advertised everywhere in the world. Practically all energy drinks are the same in terms of content, but the marketing for Red Bull is much more aggressive than your local supermarket's own brand, so more people buy it. Same as any product, really. Granted, I'm a fairly frequent consumer of (read: fucking addicted to) energy drinks, but I won't buy Red Bull because I'm not paying £1.30 for half a bottle's worth of drink.

Also, I want Mountain Dew, we don't get it over here in Blighty
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I heard Mountain Dew is awesome. Is it really good?

Mountain Dew is my favourite soda, i think its awesome
I heard Mountain Dew is awesome. Is it really good?

its basically lemon lime soda with a ton of sugar.
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