can any1 recommend some cool but easy (not to easy like american idiot) solos.

Molly's Chambers by Kings Of Leon
Last Night by The Strokes
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
Electronic Slight of Hand - Buckethead. Just the whole song.

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crazy train - ozzy
its average
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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Eruption- Eddie Van Halen...lol

Probably fun for beginners who want to practice tapping.
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Living After Midnight, by Judas Priest.
Or go for "Under a Glass Moon," by Dream Theater. Beautiful sounding...
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Dream-theater - In the name of god.

This one.

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Electric Eye - Judas Priest
Selkies : the endless obsession - Between the Buried and Me
Every time I die - Children of Bodom
Alive Pearl Jam.
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Them bones- Alice In Chains
spanish castle magic- hendrix
master of puppets- metallica
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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go for Red Hot CHili Peppers...Californication, Readymade, and definitely especially DANI CALIFORNICATION are good

and btw EEE ELL OHH i sigged u for being a certified retard
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Metallica - Fade to Black (End Solo). There is only one pretty hard part in it, I believe. It's the first real lick that you come to in the beginning that takes place over the G,B, and e strings. 8 Pretty fast pulloffs and bends. That's really all you have to worry about.
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