Yea so i want to get a Fender Standard Telecaster, or a Schecter Damien Special Electric Guitar. What would be better for like rock. Also i want it to look good cause i mean yea. Or a hollowbody guitar such as the Ibanez Artcore AGS83BATF. So yea plzzzzzzzz help
What do you mean by rock?

For all kinds an HSS strat (or a clone) would give the best versatility of tone I think.
Yeah, rock is pretty general,
what songs do you want to play?
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like ummm ill name some stuff that my band is doing right now. Neil Zaza's Im Alright. Last Nite by The Strokes. Just like not very hard rock, like classical rock and like grunge.
uhhh... grunge stuf i dont really know about maybe the tele scheter more for hard rock and metal but they dould also do that stuff fine
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true true true, u think they have both in guitar center????? or do i have to like go somewhere else?
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true true true, u think they have both in guitar center????? or do i have to like go somewhere else?

they should, if they dont they are a crappy guitar center. even my sub par one(which is also two hours away) carries schecters, all carry fenders though, its almost impossible for them not to.
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how about a schecter tele?


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