Ok, so i've recently started taking voice lessons and the teacher has scheduled an event where all of her students get to sing at a local coffee shop.

generally i'd have no problem playing a few songs, but the thing is that all, and i mean ALL of her other students will be performing opera or broadway songs.

I play acoustic, songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, World/Inferno, Nickel Creek, John Frusciante, and an assortment of other artists, but im not sure that anything i play will fit in.

should i just say screw it and play one of my regular songs? or can anyone suggest a song that may fit in better with the "classy" music?

the performance is a week away so i have time to learn just about anything, heres a list of possible songs i was considering
Soul to Squeeze - RHCP
Under the Bridge - RHCP
Road Trippin - RHCP
Anne - John Frusciante
Somebody more like you - Nickel Creek
or perhaps one of my own songs, which you guys could see here if you wanted
Play whatever you want man it will make you stick out more and people will remember you. And just play Under The Bridge everyone likes that song.
Opera at a coffeehouse wtf... ?


Soul to Squeeze is one of my personal favorites. Its really fun to play too.
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but seriously, do something that will make you stick out.
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This coffee shop is what I believe a time to show what you have learned. So what if you don't do what they do, embrace your differences.
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Under the Bridge ftw. I would cover it for a Christmas concert that's coming up at school, but the other people in my makeshift band aren't all too interested in it. I could always threaten them with violence...
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i suppose playing something with a guitar is going to be drastically different than any of the other performances anyways, so i guess i will just do whatever.

im leaning towards soul to squeeze or under the bridge, although some chick i know wants me to play one of my songs. meh, i have a week to decide so i'll just see which feels the most comfortable to me.
Just do Under the Bridge, I'm sure the audience will prefer that over the opera ones.
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sorry, seriously do Road Trippin'-RHCP ****ing awsome song!
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Do Willie Nelson & Calexico's version of "Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)". I'll love you. And it will work well in a small, acoustic setting. And I'll love you.
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