Hey, I was just wondering, is a Fender Standard Strat that much different from a Squier? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but a friend of mine was saying that a Squier and a standard were basically the same quality. Is this true?
There are different qualities of Fender Strats. So Yeah the Squier is not on par. I could not say the differences though.
No, this is not true. You're looking at lesser quality of wood used, of hardware, electronics, and of craftmanship. So basically everything.

Then the same question rises between a Mexican Strat and a USA Strat and that's basically the same answer although it's got alot to do with quality control as well.

Squiers are really only for starting out. If they were the same quality the Standard wouldn't sell as good anymore would it?
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No. Fender MIM strats own pretty much every Squire. The MIA owns everything else. Your friend should stop smoking crack.
The Fender standard is quite different from the Fender squier. The Fender Standard is made in Either America or Mexico, depending on the price. These models are alot more similar in quality than the squier series in relation to the fender standard.
Squiers are cheap, usually made from many different pieces of wood. The electronics are not as good, and usually the factory set up is bas as well.
Since im guessing you are a beginner in the world of guitar, i suggest you look at Rolandmusic.com if you are located in America. They are a little higher quality.
IMO, though, I suggest you avoid the squier series altogether.
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in my experience fender mexico are worse than the nice squiers

spend the money you save buying the squier on some nice pickups and tuners

they play better than the fender mexicos and a much better build quality, just have naff pickups and tuners
A standard MIM Strat or Tele will be on-par with the most expensive Squiers in my opinion. At that point, the Fender MIM's and good Squiers cost about the same so it's up to you. However, if you happen to find a Japanese Squier Strat, those are very nice.
i've played some good squiers. every guitar is different. i'm thinking of the getting a Squier Tele Custom. anyone ever played one?
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