Is there a standalone pitch shift pedal, like on the digitech whammy, but without all the other stuff? Like a wah/volume type pedal, that changes the pitch? I've looked around, but I can only find stompboxes.
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ummm don't quote me on this, but I think Morley makes one.

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I've had a look round the gak website on the morley stuff, but no luck
Boss makes one that you can plug an expression pedal into, however it doesn't do pitch shifting as well as the whammy.


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^ Once you add the cost of the PS-5 together with the cost of the expression pedal, it's essentially the same price as the Whammy.

I'm guessing the circuits necessary to create a steady pitch shifting sweep are causing most of the cost of the pedal, not the bells and whistles. Otherwise, they'd probably already have a cheaper version of the Whammy out on the market.