Me and my drummer were just looking through one of his old magazines, and it had an advertisement for an accessory called the e-bow. Supposedly, it's suppose to make your guitar sound like a violin when you use it. It's not exactly an effect pedal. You basically use the e-bow instead of a pick to play. I decided to do a little more research on it, so I went on youtube, just to see what it sounds like, and after seeing this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwq0i6jP7dQ I've come to the easy conclusion that I wanna get one. My question is, does anyone have any experience with it? Is it recommended, or are there other brands out that make similar things like the e-bow?
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I've heard of it, and if you like that kind of thing I'd say buy one. I don't know if any other company makes something similar.
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Fun to mess around with, hard to use practically.
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Yeah we've heard of it. It's pretty cool, I gotta say... good for Dazed and Confused.
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I've wanted one too, but never been able to find one at guitar center. The only song I know of that uses one-off the top of my head-is Wonderwall.
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sweet i wanted one, they arent too pricy, i think they are only 100 bucks or so they have a site somewhere google it its pretty cool if you ask me.
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They rock, they are easy to use live... lots of fun Can make your guitar sound like a violin.
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ive got one and trust me its possibly the coolest piece of gear ive ever purchased
i mainly got it after i saw a phil keagey demo of it but ive found it very interesting for dark metal solos
its also my 'god-tool' when playing spacey/pink floyd type stuff
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They're extremely cool.. although I prefer a real bow sometimes.


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fernandes sustainer system?

leaves your picking hand free to play normally while still having the ability to sustain notes indefinitely.
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fernandes sustainer system?

leaves your picking hand free to play normally while still having the ability to sustain notes indefinitely.

Ah yes, forgot about that guy. A bit of work to install though, and you may have to rout your guitar to fit the circuit board. I think it would be a cool thing to build into a project guitar, maybe too much hassle to put into a working guitar though.
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i saw jimmy page use this on whole lotta love

That is a theremin. not an ebow.
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That is a theremin. not an ebow.

+1, theremins are very cool.
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I have an Ebow that I got a couple of months ago.

It's pretty cool, and I like to use it in my loops a lot, and it's easy to get some cool trippy sounds when paired with a delay.
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Get one!

If you were around in the 80s, you got one. The band Big Country really brought these things to the public's attention. Check out his single string E-bow solo at around 2:40 in the link below. I remember when I bought the record I said, "What the hell is that sound in that solo." Saw them live and saw what it was. I immediately bought an E-bow. Great little addition to a guitarist's arsenal.

it doesn't make your guitar sound like a violin, nor does it sound like a guitar being played with a bow.

it infinitely sustains the string you're holding and can be used with certain techniques to sound like you're playing with a violin bow, or sound like a brass instrument, or some other things.

it generally doesn't sound very nice on it's own, it's usually paired up with a delay and reverb.


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It's a cool thing.

Hendrix used one on a song or two.

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Chea_man is the best.
I own one,

It's a fun little thing for one or two songs it's like a wah, you use it all the time and its boring but its good for here and there
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