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I'm singing along to the Sex Pistols "Anarchy in the UK" and I ATTEMPED to sing the guitar solo......
Can you do it?

I sing guitar solos all the time.

Though, the title of this thread does seem to prove itself in...well, the title
No, but I can play Eruption with my junk.

I Just don't because I don't want to be a showoff.
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Try and sing "Jato Unit," by Jeff Loomis.

Good luck.
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Can you sing notes? If the answer is yes to that question you may figure it out

I sing along to all kinds of shit. On weddings, tv programs, funerals...
i whistle guitar parts and solos.
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That's not stupid, I think everyone does it.
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Can you sing notes? If the answer is yes to that question you may figure it out

I sing along to all kinds of shit. On weddings, tv programs, funerals...

No. I just held a non-note until I realized what I was doing.
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A non-note? What the fuck is that?

I sing drum parts. lol

A non-note is similar to a tone-deaf person singing.
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that's pretty sweet. That lead singer could probly cover for Hetfield if he could play decent rythmn guitar.

on topic, i sing along to lyrics, solos, bass lines, even drum parts if they're cool.
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Not much of a difference really...


But seriously, I'm pretty sure anyone who plays guitar has sang along with at least one solo.

In fact, I'm sure anyone who plays any instrument has attempted this in some form or another.
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