Ok, so I play mainly metal, but hard rock is great too. I'm heavily inspired by Slipknot's sound, its great most times, but I'll agree, Mick and Jim miss the mark a few times! ANYWAY, I also play a lot of Pantera and similar, so I was wondering, what amp head would be best while also not breaking the bank? I have about a $700 limit, so a little more a little less, no biggie, I'm not some big touring artist or else I'd just get a Rivera or Krank or something!

I was looking at
Randall G3+ RH150
Bugera 6262 (reliability is in question so I hear?)

Suggestions? I'm completely open to them (lol, no attempt at a demote there)
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I think there is a mixed verdict on the G3's but I don't remember why exactly. I've never played either actually but I would say Bugera would get there. Would you be willing to look used too? Like a Peavey 5150 or XXX used on craigslist....or have you checked.

Good thread by the way so bump for ya.


If you could try one, a boss HM2 heavy metal pedal can do the slipknot sound, that + a clean amp would get you there. They aren't made anymore, but they're pretty cheap on ebay.

Other than that, mesa f30/50 used is worth a look, as well as the dc series.
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