Let me first explain my situation.

Guitar will be a 7-string tuned to BEADGBE. I will only be changing three string total, at most three at a time. Low B will drop to A, Low E will drop to D, G will drop to F#.

Are these tuning changes possible to execute using only the fine tuners? If so, is there a specific way to set up the tremolos?

If those scenarios are possible, can someone run me through the fine-tuning process?

Tremolos being analyzed are Edge Pro (not Lo, not Edge III) and Original Floyd Rose (not licensed).

Based upon what they say in a PDF manual:
"Even after locking the locking nut, you can
use the fine tuners (Fig.16) to make fine
adjustments to the tuning of each string.
You should adjust all of the fine tuners to
the center of their adjustable range before
you lock the locking nut."

If I'm not mistaken, with the guitar fully setup you can just use the fine tuners straight off the bat. Not sure if a whole step drop is possible, though.

Wondering also how pitch raises, dive bombs, and flutters compare between the two.
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Definitely do NOT use the fine tuners to go to an alternate tuning. The spring tension and string tension on a FR or any floating trem work together to keep the strings in tune. If you adjust one strings tuning, the springs in the tremolo will adjust to keep tension, thus putting your other strings out of tune.
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I see... so even something as minor (or I guess major, now that I think about it) as a whole step drop will put the whole system out of whack.
Or get a tremolo stabilizer? What would the process be in that case?
Already looked into that... it's really confused the hell out of me. If I wanted alternate tunings using the Tremol-No, what would the best method be?
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Already looked into that... it's really confused the hell out of me. If I wanted alternate tunings using the Tremol-No, what would the best method be?

Just switch to 'hardtail' mode and change tunings. I'm not sure if you have to go back to the original tuning to set the guitar 'floating' already in tune.
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I think that's where the rub lies... wouldn't it just all go to pieces one you go back to full floating mode?
Or let's say I used a standard tremolo stabilizer (need suggestions for a particular model)... wouldn't the process be pretty easy then as well? No need to block the tremolo... just unlock the nut and turn the peg? Would the other unmodified strings still need to be retuned as well?
If you used the tremel-no and went to an alternative tuning, and yea you'd need to use your tuning pegs and not the fine tuners. They wont go that far. Anyways, you'd put the tremel-no into dive only or hard tail mode. So when using your alternative tunings you'd only be able to pull down on the bridge (if in dive only mode) and won't be able to pull up cause it would be blocked. That would be your easiest solution I think, still good I think unless you really want to be able to pull up when using alternative tunings.
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Thing is to switch between modes you always have to return to full floating mode, right? Wouldn't the alternative tuning just mess up when full floating mode was accessed?

See post concerning a standard tremolo stabilizer.
Yes, you'd have to go to hard tail or dive only, tune to your desired tuning, play, then return to your normal tuning when floating and release the tremel-no and use your trem normally
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I think that defeats the purpose, to a certain degree.

How hard is changing your tuning if you just have a tremolo stabilizer installed?
I don't know I've never used one, hope someone can help you out there.
This is why I prefer flush mounted Floyds, its so much simpler. I have a guitar with a floating bridge and I never pull up. I actually have a paranoia about pulling up, because one time I did that and I heard a loud crack. Scared the crap out of me. Turns out I didn't tighten one of the screws enough when I adjusted my intonation and one of the saddles flew forward, luckily the screw stayed in place and held the saddle down I was sweating balls for a few minutes before I figured out what happened. Needless to say I bought brand new screws and tightened them down real good
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Haha... good story. I get a similar fear with changing acoustic guitar strings... I feel like the pin is going to blow and by some chance take out one of my eyes.

But yeah, if someone has experience with tremolo stabilizers, please tell me how the tuning works. Since there's no need for blocking, theoretically, wouldn't it be as simple as unlocking the nut and turning the pegs?