I've been writing and rehearsing my original songs for almost a year now. I'm 14 and want to start trying to get a gig maybe at a small local venue. It's just me, my acoustic, and my songs. I have about 6 or 8 that I know by heart. Will it be hard to get booked because of my age? What's a good way to get started gigging? Much help appreciated.
myspace has helped my band a lot. we get messaged about shows a lot now. you should upload some trax and request local bands and booking agents as well. also go to local venues and see if there is a spot for you to play.
try little small town pubs first, were it like beers after 9 or something, dude, play on the street
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Seeing as I'm far from an expert on this subject (I've never played a gig other than school talent shows/events), this advise might not be the best... but, try and find an open mic night somewhere that you can play.. get your name out there. If people like you, theres more of a chance you can land an actual gig.
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heres advice for when you get a gig
start off playing your best song ad end with one of your best
any coscos, walmarts, heb,etc. where you live
BANG! theres your f'n venue
no booking cost
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Or open mic night, like someone already said. Will give you more confidence. Play infront of family ^_^

Then i guess just try get your name out there