is there a way to make all bass drums move to the 6th line, snare to 3rd one, hi-hats to 2nd and crash to 1st, i mean order them, also i wanna know how to change automatically acoustic snare for a electric one and acoustic bass drum for normal one ( 38 --- 40) (35 ---36) , is there a way?
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wel you put the bass drum on the 6th line(as if you were tabbing a gutar part)so basically you ca put it on which ever line you want
i mean, when i download tabs, some of them the drums organization suck, so i would rather order it, but it takes so much time to change the positions, i was asking is there is a way to make guitar pro order it, also change automatic theacoustic sanre and bass drum for a electric one
no sorry I don't think there's a way

I wish though, I hate it when some of the snares/bass drums are wrong
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