What was your first post here on UG ?

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Mine was :

April 29, 1992(Miami) VS Artic Monkeys-Brianstorm

(On a song vs song thread.)

I'm embarassed. Artic Monkeys ? Jesus


Make that the first post showing up on the posts thingy on your profile (for those UG Junkies )
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I'm funny

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I'll post it in an edit...

EDIT: Furthest far back I can find is from '06. Wat?
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Looking for a drummer in the Detroit, MI area
PM if interested!

I don't know, the farthest post my last post goes back is Halloween.

This is the one from the 31st.

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No, its cool, but it seems like you change it every so often.
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I wish i had that...

In a NGD thread in the Electric Guitar forum.

This was the guitar:

Fucking sexy that thing is.
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That's the name of the song or something !


I was joking.

I just felt like someone had to do it.
This is the oldest one I can find:
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Wrong.Wrong again.Why not?Wrong.

I can't believe someone could be so wrong in such a short post.
It was a reply, hence the weird layout.
April 29, 1992 was when my best friend was born. O:
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I have over 9000 posts, so it won't show my FIRST.

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OK, I tried the jazz forum, but they couldn't seem to help me. (Although I don't know if I was posting in the right thread(s).) I know some metalheads here might listen to jazz.

So, what, is this like the rec thread?

I need some jazz (or metal, lol) that sounds like The Brook and The Ocean:


And Wavelength:


I have no idea how to describe jazz, so that's as much as I can offer... I would prefer like, an entire band playing, ya know? Not just one instrument. I also like that crazy technical, high-tempo piano stuff that goes on sometimes... I can't think of any examples. And I suck at describing jazz. I should try posting this in the blues and jazz forum... Again...

Oh, and I lied, I have only over 2000 posts. I just wanted to use that meme
06-29-2007, 01:39 AM "I have been practicing for like 3 days, 1 or 2 hours each, I can play ode to joy and twinkle twinkle almost like nothing, I have been practicing chasing cars but I`m not that good on the chords in it, they always sound wrong...but I am still practicing^^

well actually I havebeen practicing for like half a year but it turns out just recently I figured out the teacher wasnt teaching me right, He didnt even know what tabs were!!!

so now that school is over I started researching playing guitar and read about tabs...now I hate that teacher!"

God I was such a loser back then...and I was horrible at guitar.
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...modes and scales are still useless.

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Earliest mine goes to is 14 September 2008

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I love that stencil
Last one I can find, I think from sometime in July:
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It was either in the RHCP thread or the pic thread.
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I think it was this thread. At least thats old enough for me, I dont feel like going through every thread I've posted in, cause that means looking at 17 pages worth of posts.
my epic shoop of mccain

Are You Experienced?

Rubber Soul or
Exile on Main Street

It was from a game ("What Was More Influential").