Alright, well I'm not sure if this thread belongs in this forum, but I figured it does have to do with guitars & amps, so I'll just post it here and see what happens.

So I have this friend I talked to and sometimes go to concerts with, and I found out he was related to me through marriage. He's always showing up out of nowere to jam, which is something I don't mind, because almost everytime he shows up I'm already practicing stuff anyways. So since he's always talking to me on the computer and stuff, and always talking/asking about gear all the time, he always knows when I'm trying to get another band together and has all the details to what I'm looking to do. Earlier this year he stopped by my house out of nowere while I was jamming, and seen I had gotten my Peavey Ultra Plus head and a new cab. As soon as he heard it he kept talking about how he wants something like that, meaning something that's not to expensive but sounds pretty good. (Of course the sound is all preferance and some of you may dissagree with that amp being descent.)

So he tells me he's going to buy a new amp, because all he had at that time was a 15 watt Marshall MG that he'd play on all the time. He leaves and I don't see him for a while, until he stops by over my house with his new amp, a Line6 Spider 3 halfstack. I didn't say anything, I kept all my comments to myself, because he could have baught something much nicer with the $600usd he spent on that amp. So he's bragging about how cool the amp is, and telling me how he got it for a 'cheap' price, and that it only cost him $150usd more then what I payed for my current head & cab.

So in the past, he'd always try saying that he wants to start a band and he'd always try getting me to agree playing for him, although he knows I don't play the kind of music he wanted to play. (ie. Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus ect.) So now that he got this Spider 3 halfstack, he thinks I'm going to agree trying to start something with him. I tell him that's not the kind of stuff I could enjoy writting all the time, and that I'll stick with all the stuff I enjoy and the music I mainly listen too. I thought he'd stop asking at that time, but I heard more about it yesterday.

He comes and gets me yesterday to grab something for lunch because he had the day off of work. So we're on our way there and he asks me how soon he has to pay me, because he's buying a guitar off of me at the moment and I asked for $50 a week. I tell him I just need $200usd before christmas comes around so I have a little extra money to pick up gifts for people. He agree's to the $50usd a week and pulls out a receipt showing me that he had just baught a new Kerry King Sig MG from our local music shop because his other one broke. He always says that he wants to put EMG's in one of his other guitars besides the BC Rich he always uses. (Yes, EMG's & Spider=FAIL IMO)

The whole time we're out he's telling me how he wants to start playing the same stuff I've been playing, and asking me if I'd be interested. I try to ignore the question but he kept talking about it, and I'm not sure how to tell him no. I don't mean to rant on about something this stupid, because I know if I were reading this and somebody else wrote it I'd probably think it's pointless. He just keeps talking about starting a band, how he wont spend $600usd on anything guitar related unless he got 'signed', his Marshall MG, his Line6, how he wants to get endorsed by BC Rich, and how he wants to just do all his guitars with an EMG 81/85 set. And this is all coming from the guy who can't play any song straight through, dosn't no scales, thinks the faster you play the 'cooler' it is and somehow tunes from E to A with 10 gauge strings without adjusting anything. I ALWAYS try helping him out, telling him about cool stuff to try, giving him excersizes to work on ect. ect. ect. Really, I try helping him as much as possible, but he thinks I'm just trying to be an ass. He's 19 years old he's been playing for 5 years now, and I've seen people on here playing for a year and a half and completely blow him away. This guy has been trying to do harmonics since I've known him and still can't do them, and he took lessons but said they weren't teaching him enough at once and quit.

So, I'm not sure how to tell him I'm not interested in doing anything like that. I don't want to be a complete dick. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't hear from him everyday about starting everything, but I'm getting kind of fed up with it to the point where I can't even hang out with him for more then an hour or two. Also, the last band I had together, he kept showing up and whatnot, and he got pissed because I told him he needed to practice and we just told him he was out. He didn't talk to any of us for months.

What would anybody on here do?

(As I said, I wasn't sure where to put this. I wasn't going to put it in the pit, but I figured you guys here may give me some idea's.)
Sorry, by tl;dr, summarise please.
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Wholy crap you wrote a ******* book!
I would just print this out and put it in his mail.
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Just tell him whats up. I'm known for being a pretty nice person but when you're wrong or against me, I tell you off in a respectable manner WITHOUT avoiding the subject. Hard to do? Not for me but you know it would the best way before he gets any wrong idea and when you tell him later or he finds out for himself, he won't feel any grudge against you.
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dude can't take a hint. I don't know what to tell you because you obviously care about his feelings.
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tell him you already have a good lineup for a band and your band doesn't need anyone else, sorry. or you're not sure how well it would turn out. or lets just jam from time to time, not interested in starting yet another project.
it's nice you care about his feelings and what not, but he's a dick himself. "Mine's better, and you wasted your money cause i got it 150 bucks higher'

I know so many guitar guys like this who think they're better that just annoy the hell out of me.

Tell him you're not gonna do a band like that and the way you'd be in a band with him is if he can play you one WHOLE song, something like Layla, Or an acdc.

SOLO N' ALL not just a few riffs. Use it as a try out. If he ****s up, tell him you're sorry but he ain't good enough for ya. (not like that but y'know)
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Wholy crap you wrote a ******* book!
I would just print this out and put it in his mail.

I actually think that this is a pretty good idea. That, or take out the main points and actually talk it over with him.
tell him to play walk with me in hell
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Be honest and tell him that you're not interested and that he is a **** of a **** and **** and if he dosn't **** off you will ****ing kick his ****ing ***. Tell him not to **** with you and *** that ***** and **** goes **** then ***** and if **** he dosn't **** so tell him to ***** or he can ***** his *** mom.
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Be honest and tell him that you're not interested and that he is a **** of a **** and **** and if he dosn't **** off you will ****ing kick his ****ing ***. Tell him not to **** with you and *** that ***** and **** goes **** then ***** and if **** he dosn't **** so tell him to ***** or he can ***** his *** mom.

What the ****?
Just tell him the truth dude or he may leave you for another man!
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I don't know... as much as I dislike modeling and EMG pickups, there's no reason to discredit him simply because he likes EMGs and his Spider Half-stack. As for the, "getting signed," thing, tell me all of you have never hoped to be signed, I guess he just hopes a little more.

Just tell him that if he can learn to plan and get the right sound for your songs you'll play with him, I doubt he'll actually learn to play more than one or two songs straight through before loosing interest.
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Wholy crap you wrote a ******* book!
I would just print this out and put it in his mail.

He would have to have a h00ge mailbox!

Just tell him you are not interested in being in a band.
EDIT: oh and there is nothing wrong with BC Rich! Gunslinger retros are the sex!
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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If you print this out and put it in his mailbox, fix all the spelling for the love of god.

Also, tell him you don't want to play in a band with him. Problem solved.
Get help dude, this ain't a relationship workshop.
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Just tell him he sucks and needs to invest in better gear. Gets the point across i think.

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tell him to play walk with me in hell

Amazing song! and anyways, if this dude sucks so much how is going to play a dying fetus song in a band? Dying Fetus is really technical!

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Simply explain that you guys are influenced by completely different things; tell him that he should try playing in a band with dudes who are more into his style.

...I mean, he's your friend, so I'm thinking that jam sessions should be far from an obligatory nuisance..just jam with him as per usual, try to help him, explain that you guys are on different wavelengths, ???, profit.
Tell him, as one guitarist to another, what your honest opinion of his gear and his attitude towards playing is. Most of us on here wouldn't think twice about buying gear over $600, because we love playing. If he's so set on getting signed, he needs to get his act together, for one thing, and realize that it's probably not gonna happen. Play because you love to play, not because you "have" to get signed.
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Be honest and tell him that you're not interested and that he is a **** of a **** and **** and if he dosn't **** off you will ****ing kick his ****ing ***. Tell him not to **** with you and *** that ***** and **** goes **** then ***** and if **** he dosn't **** so tell him to ***** or he can ***** his *** mom.

Are we playing fucking fill in the blanks here or what?
Uhhh...BC Rich and a Line 6 Spider??? I can't even imagine how bad that would sound.
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Just tell him that you don't want to play the same kind of music as him, so being in a band would be a bad idea.

I have a friend who plays bass, and me and him are best friends, have been for years, but we would never play in a band with each other because all he wants to play is jazz and blues, whereas I like metal. We know that neither one of us would want to compromise on what we wanted to play, and we'd just end up wasting our time and getting pissed off at each other.


1. Explain to him that the Spider III isn't a good amp and that he should sell it for a better amp, maybe an all-tube amp?
2. Play one of the many kickass-win non-BC Rich's with non-EMG pickups(There are a great many).
3. Go to stores with him as a second opinion on what sounds good so he doesn't buy more crap.
4. Try being in a band with him and see if he's willing to compromise. If not, explain to him your not really enjoying it and you want out.

Hope some of that helps.

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