In my iTunes, when I double click (or click on it then hit play, whichever) a song, the play/pause button turns to the pause button as if it's playing, but the song won't play. The progress indicator isn't even advancing. The program acts (besides the progress bar) as if the song's playing, but no music comes.

What's the problem, here? I've tried ending the iTunes.exe process and restarting it, and that did not work.
Take a look at your speakers. They need to be plugged in.
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For real though, check the volume ON ITUNES.
I did that once, and I was freaking out.
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Yeah, reboot.
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My speakers are plugged in; anything else makes noise. It's just iTunes.

I'm not that stupid...

I'm searching for possible reasons why. Can't find much though. I'd go with what everyone else is saying though and reboot.
don't use itunes...

and at all the people saying volume, it's obviously not that, he said the progress bar isn't moving.
quick solution is to reload itunes, all the music will be there and everything, but reload the program.
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