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winter clothes

it was cold.
not the kind of cold that gets inside you
but the kind that sits around,
waiting for an invitation,
making you wish you had worn a thicker jacket
so you could be sure it couldn't break in.
i rubbed my hands together
waiting for my ride, alone.

(i know i’m sick of waiting for rides.
i think i’m sick of being alone.)

i shivered,
worried about gas prices, AP classes, my health.
thought about the kids doing drugs behind target
under sheet-white skies, leaves brown and dying.
the leaves they played in a few autumns ago.
i thought about their parents.

i paced the sidewalk a hundred times.
i didn’t see any couples, really.
they were probably all steaming up car windows
or getting drunk
or sneaking into movies.
i thought about their future children.

sometimes i feel like a foreign exchange student,
sitting on a bench in a suburban parking lot
waiting for an invitation.
sometimes i feel like the whole country
dressed as warmly as they could.
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Just as a quick glance, this was enjoyable. I didn't like the lines in the parenthesis though. I'll come back alter this arvo and hit it up properly
it felt like a straight narrative of what someone alone in the cold would think about. i don't think the lines in parenthesis really fit since the rest of the piece jumps from one point to another (which i liked) while those two lines are so blunt. not sure what else to say, but i related to it and enjoyed it.
I liked most of it, however as the other two said I think it could of done better without the lines in the parenthesis. The line "sometimes i feel like a foreign exchange student" doesn't really fit well with me, I think it would be better if you used a different simile to show the feeling of loneliness conveyed throughout the rest of it.
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As mentioned above I'd probably get rid of the two lines in the paranthesis. I don't feel like they're really fitting in, at least the way you wrote it.
The rest of it I liked, especially the last paragraph. This was the one I could best relate to.

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