i've been looking at the orange crush 30r for a good practice amp. its only $200. and from what i've heard it's a really nice amp to practice with. I know orange amps have really good cleans, and can really get the bluesy sound really well. im also aware that its a solid state, but it sure is a good sounding solid state. so far i have about $40 saved up. and i just turned 15 so i can get a job soon. btw i play a lot of stuff, whenever i just play alone i normally do a lot of clean bluesy type stuff, and some crunchy riff based stuff. is it a good buy?
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definitely perfect for your situation. i got a great deal on one at the beginning of this summer (175 tax included(canadian $)) and its awesome. the reverb is sweet and the cleans are perfect. very bluesy distortion (for a solid state). i mostly play prog/alternative, and its awesome for it. gets really loud too. could handle lows a little better, but thats only cause i always have bass at like 8.
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