I've started playing jackson guitars recently, and I'm currently searching for a new axe to sling about. Problem being that half the models I've seen aren't really what i'm looking for! I'm looking for something with;

- A superstrat style body
- Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (NOT Duncan Designed)
- Jackson LFR bridge (preferably with black hardware)
- A minor detail here, but preferrably sharktooth inlays. maybe an reversed headstock too.

Problem is, all the models I've come across are either too expensive or they have EMGs. The DK2 Dinky was tempting but single coils piss me off, and I don't have enougb money to shell out on a USA DK1 or a solist.

My budget is around £300 - £500. If anyone cna help me here it'd be greatly appreciated.

p.s. No, I won't buy a guiatr with EMGs and replace the pickups. I wouldn't be able to afford it - just a heads up!
if u got something with the EMGs, you could rip them out, sell them for 150$ and then buy a set of duncans and have them installed without netting any money lost
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then (depending on the model) you have a hole where the battery cartridge was
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