Hey I need to change the tubes in my Coupe and I was just looking for some advice on buying tubes.

Right now I got a groove 12ax7-c in the first slot, 2 groove 12ax7-r's in the 2ed and 3ed slots, a electro harmonix 12ax7 in the reverb slot and 2 sovtek 6l6's for preamps.

I like the sound that i'm getting with it now but my tubes are starting to get old and I'm looking for something new.

I want a nice classic rock sounding amp with a nice bit of distortion for playing some grittyy stuff.

I was looking on musicians friend and found these http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Tungsol-12AX7-Tube?sku=212231
They seem pretty nice and they've got some great reviews.

As for the 6l6's, I've got no idea of what to buy.

Any help will be greatly appricated .

Thanks , Sheldon.
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