Hey, I have been shopping around, and have been totally stumped as to what kind of amp would be best for a beginning guitarist. I like to play Classic Rock/Blues, e.g Pink Floyd or Clapton. Thanks for any help you can give.
not spider's or mg's. Roland cubes arent that bad for a beginner amp.
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Definently not an MG or a Line 6. Get a Roland like gnaraaron said or a 5w tube amp like a peavey valve king royal.
Fender Vibro Champ and Super Champ XD are good for tube practise amps. They have the added benefit of some basic digital effects, solid state overdrive and digital amp modelling if you want to get a taste of different tones, though all of that can be completely bypassed if you don't want it and then they become a simple 5w or 15w tube amp. Very good for the money.

Orange do an amp called the Tiny Terror that is now available as a combo amp, it would suit most beginners very well for rock since it has a traditional 'British rock tone' (Orange amps are very similar to Marshall amps), though depending on what country you're in it can be very expensive, so it might not be a viable option.

Vox Valvetronix series and Roland Microcube/Cube 20/Cube 30 can be good options too, though if you can afford them, I'd suggest the Fenders or the Orange above either the Roland or Vox amps.
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Peavey Ultra 60. All tube, relatively inexpensive. Great for cleans and amplified acoustics but with some tweaking can sound pretty bitchin' with some distortion.
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Any of Crate's V series tube amps, they go for cheap if you are from the US.

Didn't you make another thread? There were plenty of amp suggestions in that.
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