ok so heres the story im the leader of a 3 person band a punk band but not pop punk were more underground 70s stuff like black flag, sex pistols, mc5, new york dolls etc. now im pretty much in charge of writing the everything except the drummer's stuff cuz me and my bass player have known each other along time and we both wanted guitar but he settled for bass so generally the bass provides the backing to the electric guitar so wud anyone happen to have any idea how to write the music for bass guitar to provide backing to electric now i know for power chords on guitar its pretty much the root note on guitar that you'll play as single note on bass but what about for more complicated chords....like barre chords, 7th chords, major and minor chords etc. cuz were a punk band but i like alot of metal stuff too like ozzy, iron maidden, sabbath and old class like the who and led zep etc.
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