I looked around the search bar for awhile and found a lot of good thing said about Carvin but nothing bout this amp.

My friend is selling a Carvin RL118, he also has an older trace elliot head to go with it. He got it from a pawn shop and he barely ever plays it. It just sits in his garage. I played it at a gig once out on my schools field and it seemed to work alright. Anyone know if there will be any issues because its older? I don't have any idea when it was made but based on their website I think they started making these in the early 90's?

What would be a reasonable price for just the cab?
I may look into picking up the head also but we'll see.

Which head is it? I'm assuming the R600, but that's just a guess. Anyway, a standalone 118 is going to be a little bit undefined. They're best paired with 10" speakers of some kind. As for the Redline gear in general, they're a little bit finicky. They're definitely not on the same level of quality control as the newer Carvins. The ones that work seem to be quite good though. For the cab I wouldn't buy it, but I'd expect to pay around $200-250.
Well I've heard average things about the RL series. I have a newer Carvin and love it. I know a guy from a local band that uses a RL 810. And he sounds muddy as hell. Of course, that may be due to the Rogue Hofner bass and Behringer head.

If it seems to be working and you like the sound, then go ahead. I would go no higher than $200. Its an older model, used, and not as good as new Carvin stuff. I think that that price is fair enough.
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How bout older Trace Elliot Heads then? I don't know which model it is but it has the blacklight on the front that you can turn on and off.

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It would be easier if you could get the model specifications on the Trace Elliot head for specific feedback, but honestly, I have never found one of their heads that I didn't like.

Off topic, what area of the Central coast are you from? I'm up in Santa Cruz County and between you and me, Trace Elliot's don't come up often on the used market up here.
If it's one of the pre-Peavey ones, it's definitely going to be a good piece, but like Anarkee said, we'd need a model name to give any further insight.

Keep in mind that 18" speaker cabs aren't really 'meant' for full-range operation; they have a very low treble cutoff (topping out a 2 or 3 kHz) and is meant to be used as a subwoofer more than anything (paired with a cab with a tweeter). If you find the sound to be too muddy or mellow, it's the cab's fault. However, as a subwoofer, the 18 is practically unbeatable.
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I'm in SLO but my friend who's selling it is in Orange County, i'm by no means certain if I want to buy it so anarkee if you would be interested in buying it PM me. I can get it up to slo for you at least., I'll get some pictures over thanksgiving. Pretty sure it is from the pre peavey days. He sent me a message today asking 800 for the whole rig which i think is a bit high. And as thefitz was saying i know that its not good for a full range. I would plan on getting a 2x10 or 4x10 to add on top for better sound and to make me look more badass...

until thanksgiving when i get some pics...

thanks for the help.