Poll: is it stupid to mod an amp or a guitar?
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i dont think this thread has been done before so i post

do you think is stupid to mod an amp or a guitar?

i see people that mod their guitars like put EMGS pickups but the guitar completely sucks ass like the fretboard is not ebony or rosewood and the action is high as hell and the body of the guitar is some crap wood or they change the bridge to a floyd rose

or people that buy amplifiers and change the speaker or the tubes of an amp but the amplifier was crap to begin with

do you think is worth spending your money modding it or is just better just to buy a new amp or guitar?

im not asking for advice i just want to see what are people opinions on the subject maybe some in depth explanation or something
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It depends.

There's nothing wrong with buying a comfortable guitar and replacing the pick-ups to get a better sound.

Some gear, like the valve jr, was made to be modded.
depends on how and why you're doing it
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I don't understand why not.

Unless you're putting 200 dollar emgs into a 10 dollar guitar, then seems like a good
idea to me.

And as long as you know what you're doing..
if you're just dicking around and you do something stupid
then you've just lost your amp/guitar.
well sometimes its a cheaper alternative to get a sound close to what you want, without spending money you dont have.