So I've recently been drafted as the guitar player for a funk band (band has like 9 members, alto/tenor sax players, drummer, bass player, trombones, singer, and trumpet). It's a band between a bunch of friends and acquaintances from school, anyways, I realized I'm not really even too keen on funk. I don't know what funk is, I don't listen to funk, but I listened to some Stevie Wonder (I guess he's funk?), and I like.

Any good funk bands I should listen to?
earth wind and fire, sly and the family stone and bootsie collins
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The Meters are a must, other than that, Parliament, Funkadelic, Parliament Funkadelic, etc.... Breakestra, Papa Grows Funk, Gnappy, The Bamboos, Diplomats of Solid Sound, The Poets of Rhythm, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Bootsy Collins, Dr. John, and you might like some stuff like the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Some stanky New Orleans funky is what you need .
well i'd start with"
The Meters
James Brown
Tower of Power
Sly and the Family Stone
Curtis Mayfield
Graham Central Station
Ohio Players
Rick James
Kool & The Gang
Gap Band
and Herbie Hancock has some funky albums like Head Hunters and Thrust.

EDIT: and out of complete ignorance i forgot
Average White Band
The Commodores

my bad.....but all those should keep you going in funk for a long time,
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