ok, heres the short verse: i want a new bass amp, have aprox. $300-500 (its a x-mas present so i'm not positive) but would it be better to get something like this:


and one of these


or would it be better to get a combo amp of some kind, (i don't want to say any definite till i try some stuff at the store)

and also does the head, guitar or the cabinet affect the sound the most? or is it kind of equal?
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Most people would say to stay away from Behringer :P
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learn that before you buy anything...
Yea... stay away from behringer. Only get a combo if your lookin for effects. Dont take an opinion on a certain amp because you gotta actually play it to see if you like it personally. What kind of bass are you playin?
there really basically the same thing. just with a stack you can sort of mix and match if you want. it really depends on what you're limit is and how much space you have to keep it. i had a fender hot rod deluxe and that thing destroyed. but i upgraded last year to a b-52 set up and that also destroys.
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ibanez, but i'm probably get a new one soon, idk, so i guess get a stack?