im a complete noob when it comes to using computers as a soundbank for midi related things. on reason theres an option to combine devices and ive got two cool sounds that i would like to combine but even with the instructions im still having trouble doing this. is there anybody who can help?
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Man, I just try to simplify things as much as possible. Every computer should have an input jack for a microphone, you can just plug an instrument directly into that using a cable that goes from a 1/4 to a 1/8 inch. For software I'd reccomend the latest version of Acid Pro (for PC) or garage band (for Mac). Both these programs are affordable and sound great. I have no idea if this helped at all, or if I just ended up plugging the products I like.
How would that help at all? It had nothing to do with his post whatsoever.
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Whoops. Just trying to give general recording advice. I know nothins bout nothins bouts external recording devices. Guess I earned my fail with stripes.
just got my hands on reason 4 today after a long break from using it.
last one i used was version 2 i think.

anyway, what you are refering to is the Combinator device i think. that basically acts like a nice neat folder you can tuck away the devices in, and save all those for future use.

example, say you get a cool sound using a Subtractor, a delay and a chorus, you can put all 3 devices inside a Combinator and save that as a Combinator preset. it actually doesn't "combine" sounds in the way i think you mean. correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm guessing that in your head its like : "oh i have this really cool sound.... and this OTHER really cool sound.... i wish i could somehow mix them together". thats not how it works as far as i know.

do what i'm doing now, read through the tutorials, they're really useful.