I was at a workshop on Tone last night, and the guy running it recomended we all check out Keeley Pedals. i went on the site and a few of the pedals looked intersting. Do you think it would be worthwhile to get the DS-1 Ultra Modded pedal, or the Stacked SD-1? I want it to lay on top of my distorted rythm sound, unless the DS-1 has enough standalone gain. I was hoping for more of a boost for solos to increase volume a bit and maby smooth out the tone. Christmas is right around the corner, so ya

Also, he specifically recomended I check out some Pre-Amps and something to put me in Stereo, because i said i wanted a Tone similiar to Vai and Satriani. He said both Vai and EVH (another personal fav) usually have their sound in stereo for a "wall" of sound.

Equipment im using: Ibanez RG1570 (tonezone and paf pro), Gibson SG special (SD custom 5)

Well what sort of amp do you have?

I haven't tried the specific keeley modified DS-1, but over in GB&C there are several similar mods which I have tried. I wasn't too impressed with the tone.

edit: and the standard answer you'll get to 'smooth out your tone and boost volume' is some sort of tubescreamer.
I have a B-52 AT-112. Im finding it hard to balance the volumes of my solos and rythm, either resulting in me overpower the whole band while i play rythm, take off most of my distortion and treble with the volume knob, or not be heard when i solo.
Personally I've never found a DS-1 mod that sounds all that great. I haven't tried some of them though; but for whatever it's worth, I like analogman more than keeley.
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If you can solder, go buy a DS-1, the stock one, and mod it. I've got the schematics for the Keeley Ultra Mod, so I can give them to you if you want; you can find it on google pretty freely. I plan on doing that when I've got a long break from school so I can use it as a back up for my distorted tone if I can't use my amp, or are using a strictly clean amp, etc. Vai uses the DS-1 Ultra for really heavy chunky rhythms: In the Live at Astoria DVD you can see him step on the DS-1 during the rhythm parts of The Animal, then he switches to the Keeley TS-9 for the leads/solos.
I've never soldered, and i dont expect id be any good at it but i guess its an option

I was also looking at the Jemini (Vai fanboy, i know lol) but i wasnt sure, seeing as its a sig pedal the price is obviously gonna be jacked up.
I've never soldered, but it doesn't look like it's overtly difficult. I've got an uncle who teaches electronics/robotics and is skilled with soldering and said it's just desoldering one part, replacing it with another. If you have any friends/relatives with experiance you may wanna ask them. a self modded DS-1 would be cheaper and more Vai-like than some other pedals.